Five Questions with Carolyn Noe About Drinks & Curios

In 2012 the final season of Breaking Bad had people ugly crying on their couches, Herschel had only lost a foot, and a group called STL Nerdy Girls started a little group on 

Since the first meeting in October 2012, founder Carolyn Noe and a core group of dedicated women have planned a frillion and four events – or more than 650 in non-hyperbolic-person terms. Many of the events are educational, and some have a decidedly female bent. But all are decidedly RSVP-worthy for the over 1,650 members who have joined the Meetup group.

As the organization has grown, the mission and programming have expanded. A new website was also launched last year that offers members access to an online community, and event information. And, along with unlocking a fully-fledged, non-profit organization achievement, the group name was changed from STL Nerdy Girls to Super Heroines, Etc to reflect the new status and broader mission. 

SHE has gone and done some pretty great things to support some pretty great women. And as the organization continues to grow, new and current programming will also grow. Whatcha doing next April, around the 16th? Well, what if I told you there is an opportunity for you to see what you might be missing at some of these events? And that you could have some outstanding drinks and snacks? And that you could help keep this awesome SHE thing rolling? Well…


Saturday, April 16
Super Heroines, Etc. Presents
Drinks & Curios
@ TechArtista CWE

This fundraising event features games, creative stations, snacks, drinks from Schlafly,
and a chance to dabble in some SHE offerings, and meet other great, female-focused organizations!

And the first 25 people with pre-sale tickets will get a nifty, souvenir SHE pint glass.

Purchase your tickets, and see more details here.

Read on for five questions with Founder Carolyn Noe about Drinks and Curios!

If you’ve never attended an SHE event, what is the number one reason to go to the fundraiser?

Carolyn: The number one reason to attend Super Heroines, Etc. presents Drinks & Curios is because we’re featuring tastes of our most popular events so that you can try out a Super Heroines, Etc. event before even attending one! If you’ve always wanted to see what Learn A Game Nite is all about, we’ll have a mini-station for you. And on top of all that, drinks and desserts are available throughout the night.

What is the main fundraising goal for the event?

Carolyn: Our goal is definitely two-fold. We are certainly trying to raise funds for our ongoing programs, like our Book Club, while also giving us some opportunity to grow new events and programs similar to our Women’s Screenwriting Workshop. Those new programs take a lot of planning, a dedicated (and usually expensive!) space, and usually paying an expert to teach. Having some funds in the bank will allow us to plan these kinds of events and keep costs low for our members.

What are you, personally, most excited to do at the fundraiser? Why?

Carolyn: I am so excited for our custom coloring page, which is being designed by our President, Fox. She is amazingly talented and I’m always looking for new coloring pages.

Why is SHE an important organization to you?

Carolyn: Over the past three years, the answer to this question has definitely changed, but I think the core of it is that I love being surrounded by a diverse group of women that support and care about each other. And, on the flip side, I love being able to provide that support to the women (and some men!) in this group. I hope that when folks join and attend events, they know how much love goes into creating, planning, and organizing so that we have a structure that supports learning and building friendships.

If you could pick one reason someone should sponsor the event, what would it be?

Carolyn: Sponsor this event if you want to empower women to embrace their inner nerd! We have a great audience of over 1600 members, mostly women who have varied and eclectic interests. Your business is bound to resonate with them, whether you are a comic book shop, restaurant, or knitting shop!


Super Heroines, Etc. Presents: Drinks & Curios


Author: Melody

Melody Meiners is a freelance writer, developmental editor, and ghostwriter for hire located in St Louis, MO. When she isn’t writing or reading words, she spends her time devouring all of the pop-culture or teaching fiction writing and literature classes for STLCC @ Meramec’s CE program. You can find her on Twitter (@cosmosgirl) when she really should be writing, and you can read her pithy jokes about her children on her blog (


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