We’re gearing up for the first Super Heroines Con (Aug. 3-9) and we’ll be spotlighting our vendors here on the SHE blog. Next up is Shishido Creative, The Art Snob and MeSseD Comics!

Shishido Creative is made up of Mandy and Taka, two passionate illustrators that love to collect and admire cute, cool and creepy art and fashion accessories. Mandy and Taka met in Japan and have since had the pleasure of traveling around North America and Asia.

Born out of a suicide hotline call, The Art Sob is a dark comedy, feminist, art-activism project created by artist and comedian, Kaye Rishad. Focused firmly in social justice and told through a satirical lens, many works are autobiographical, spanning the artist’s experience through disability, dating, racism and mental illness, all held together by an abundance of pop-culture. All pieces are rendered digitally and generally minimalist, retaining a hand-drawn, amateur aesthetic with painterly background details.

MeSseD, the nickname for the Metropolitan Sewer District, brings sewer management to science fiction. Tough sewer worker Lilliput is your guide to the wet, weird and wild world under your feet. Launched in November 2016, MeSseD has become one of the most popular comic books in the Greater Cincinnati area. Cincinnati Citybeat named us 2017 Best of Cincinnati Staff Pick: “Best Reason to Get Your Mind in the Gutter.” The Cincinnati Enquirer wrote, “Lilliput… is tough and enterprising. She is fearless and unflappable… a hero for all of us.” MeSseD is written by Jay B. Kalagayan with illustrations by Dylan Speeg.

Meet Mandy, Taka, Kaya and Jay during SHECon’s virtual happy hour from 8 to 9 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 8! To see the full con schedule and register to attend, go to https://superheroinesetc.org/events/super-heroines-con/schedule/.

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