Ranger Archetype


Rangers are great at scouting ahead and supporting from behind. You create structure and organization that moves things forward. You are a natural project manager who doesn’t mind following up with people to help get things done. 

Ranger Archetype


Archetypes are roles we see used repetitively in fiction. From oral storytelling to the modern blockbuster movie, archetypes of certain characters have reappeared throughout time. For our friends who play roleplaying games, you might see some familiar themes.

Find your activist archetype and see how you can take action.

Rangers in Fandom

Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope

Leslie is a classic Ranger. She plans every detail in her hot off the press binders.

Leslie Knope

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis has incredible willpower. 

Leslie Knope

Tahani Al-Jamil

Tahani is an expert party planner – she manages every last detail from the guest list to the decor.

Leslie Knope


Image by Jenny Frison

Storm became the leader of her team when most women in comics were still sidekicks.

Anti racist Ranger Actions

Organize Friends to Call Their Represenatives

One of the best ways to advocate for change is to contact the people in charge of making the laws. Set your location on 5calls.org and pick the issues important to you. Invite your friends to join you! Try doing a pre- and post-call Zoom chat or start a group chat where you give kudos to anyone who makes a call.

Reminder: It’s not just your federal representatives who can make a difference. The Louisville City Council just passed Breonna’s Law which will have a huge impact on their local citizens.


Put your organizing skills to good use and volunteer for an organization pushing for change. Think about the sills you have to offer, and find groups and organizations that can use your help.