We’re gearing up for the first Super Heroines Con (Aug. 3-9) and we’ll be spotlighting our vendors here on the SHE blog. Next up is Jordandené and Pelgrane Press!

Jordandené is a Brooklyn-based, woman-owned, small business. Their casually geeky apparel and home goods are subtle enough to actually be used in everyday life. The design team uses traditional ink and brush techniques to create unique, hand-lettered designs. They choose messages that both strike a chord with hardcore fans and promote positive messages to everyone who sees them. 

Pelgrane Press publishes character-focused and story-driven tabletop RPGs. Their GUMSHOE RPG system enables investigative games with a collaborative mystery-solving play structure, as exemplified by the mythos RPG Trail of Cthulhu, and the high-octane spies-vs-vampires RPG Night’s Black Agents. The DramaSystem facilitates interpersonal relationship building, which promotes affecting dramatic interactions between characters – as do their story games anthologies, #Feminism and Seven Wonders. They also publish 13th Age, an epic fantasy game using the familiar d20 system, which weaves characters’ backgrounds and unique traits into every narrative, resulting in engaging, heroic adventures.

Meet Jordandené and Pelgrane Press during SHECon’s virtual happy hour from 8 to 9 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 9! To see the full con schedule and register to attend, go to https://superheroinesetc.org/events/super-heroines-con/schedule/.

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