To all our little super heroines out there…this one’s for you.

To kick off body positivity for SHE, I began each morning in February with a general positive saying. I wake up my kiddos and say “Today we will use what?” Some mornings I really feel they want to say “My shoe to throw at you.” or “My blanket to wrap myself up like a burrito and hopefully drown you out.” But instead they look at me and respond back quietly, grumbly and with their eyes half open “The power of positivity!”

Body positivity creates a beautiful sense of self. A positive attitude, a kind action, heck getting up and brushing those teeth, swiping on some DO for that BO is taking care of your wonderful amazing self, and makes you feel beautiful. It’s the total perfect you. Not a shoe, not a way you do your hair, not a sport you play. Its a beautiful acceptance of what you like about yourself and it radiates to all other aspects of your life.

So far this has been a really good trial for us. One thing that sticks out was a weekly reflection note from my little SHE. It said the highlight of the week was using the “power of positivity.” I  didn’t even have to force her to write it. She did it at school. Win! I had to give myself a self high five. Give it a try with your little SHEs.

Body questions in our little SHEs will get tougher and tougher based on the challenges our little SHEs face as they look in the mirror and negotiate the aspects of their own body image and self-esteem. Especially in a world with so many adverse messages. Where’s that darn genie with the magic lamp to help me answer all my wishes. I’ve been waiting for years over here! Get the lead out! Oh wait, it’s been staring at me in the mirror all my life.

It starts with me.

My turning point happened roughly 8 years ago: One random Monday morning…tired, kinda, sorta, maybe ready to start the week…I had one lady do what no one has ever done before. She was bright and smiling and she looked at me and said “Hello Beautiful!” and she just kept on walking. Wait this came from not my mom, not my husband…just a special lady that decided to use the power of positivity that day. I really was taken back. My first reaction was thinking of all the reasons she was wrong. Wrong! I was so disappointed in myself. Thank you Karyn for opening my eyes and starting me on my quest.

My quest was this. I started to embrace and love myself. Not love myself based on that goal outfit sitting and collecting dust in the closet. But love myself as I stand in the mirror today. Every day I changed my body positivity with my little SHEs. I told them I loved my body and my curves and my stomach and gray hairs. I love my love of pop culture, being introverted and watching cheesy, funny movies. Not because anyone told me to…but because I just do.

I tell my little SHEs they are beautiful for helping their friend who spilled their lunch, they are beautiful for loving Minecraft or WWE even if other kiddos say “they shouldn’t”, they open doors for people who need help and they know they’re bodies belong to no one else but themselves. Loving their total self is what matters absolutely and positively!

So I challenge you and all your little SHEs this month to look in the mirror and say just two words. “Hello Beautiful.” And mean it.

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