As many of you have hopefully seen by now, we are thrilled to share that we are officially leaving meetup! Now, although this is a big change, and change can sometimes be scary, we are beyond excited for the new opportunities this brings.


We began in 2012 as a MeetUp group called St. Louis Nerdy Girls. Started by our very own Carolyn Noe, St. Louis Nerdy Girls was a way for women to meet and build community while sharing areas of interest. In only four years, we achieved our 501(c)3 nonprofit status, presented and partnered with some of the biggest local comic conventions, hosted over 700 unique events, grew to over 1,600 members, and really came into our own as Super Heroines, Etc. an organization whose mission is to empower women to embrace their inner nerd.


As we’ve transitioned from a social group into an driven nonprofit, we’ve realized that the time has come to cut the cord with MeetUp. We are grateful for the platform that MeetUp has provided to us however, due to inability to communicate directly with our members and the lack of features that will allow us to continue to grow, the time for us has come to part ways!


Our website will now become the hub for our members, and we couldn’t be happier! Not only will we be able to share information about our events, it is a fully immersive online experience complete with profiles, friend finding, webinars, achievements, forums, blogs, and so much more! With the implementation of monthly themes, we are looking to the future with a lot of excitement and hope that you are, too! So if you haven’t yet had the chance, take a look around and explore everything the site has to offer.


I’m including a handy FAQ to answer some general questions but if you have additional questions or are a dues paying member who hasn’t yet transferred your account from MeetUp to the website, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Thank you so much for joining us on this journey! We wouldn’t never have been able to get to the point we are without you, and we look forward to a bright future where we can continue to grow and empower women to embrace their inner nerd.


Super Heroines, Etc. President of the Board



SHE Leaves MeetUp FAQ


1- Why are Super Heroines, Etc. leaving MeetUp?
When we started as a social group, MeetUp was a great way to find like-minded members who wanted to get together and make friends. As we have come into our own as a 501c3 non profit, we find ourselves needing features that MeetUp just doesn’t offer, like being able to communicate directly with members. We want to build our community and offer our members a more full and immersive experience than MeetUp is able to provide.


2- Why should I follow you to the SHE website?
Not only will you be able to sign up for our live events, you will be able to check out our blogs, webinars, and exclusive content while having the ability to log in, find your friends, and connect with our community!


3- How will the new website be different from MeetUp?
We will offer amazing curated content in an online space that we can moderate and make sure is safe and welcoming to all our members.


4- Who should I contact if I have any questions?
With any questions you can contact


5- What will happen to my MeetUp dues?
If you are currently a paid member, you’re in luck! Regardless of when you paid your dues, you will not owe your next dues until a year from you signed up on the website.


6- How do I get a login/password for the new website?
Email for an easy 3 step instruction with discount code.


7- Will my dues transfer to the new website?
Yes, they will!


8- How much are dues on the new website?
We will be keeping the same annual due of $12 for the first year on the new website.


9- What are my dues used for?
Running a non profit isn’t cheap! We are a completely volunteer-run organization however we still have to pay for insurance, website costs, server space, locations, snacks, and so much more all in order to provide you with high quality experiences.


10- How do I cancel my membership?
Oh no! We’re sad to see you go! If you want to cancel your membership from the website, go to your profile and click on “Chapter Membership”, which you’ll find located under your profile picture and next to your username. This will take you to the membership management portal where you can click “cancel membership.” If you want to cancel your membership from MeetUp, you can cancel from our MeetUp page beneath the logo and details about us on the left hand side.


11- How much does it cost to join the Super Heroines, Etc.?
For the whole of 2017, our first year away from MeetUp, the annual due will be only $12.


12- Why do some events cost money if I’ve paid my dues?
Because of the low cost of our dues, we are not able to cover our higher end events. From bringing in professionals and specialists to hosting longer running workshops, we want to provide you with the very best experiences.


13- What happens to my dues if I don’t want to migrate to the new website?
We’ll miss you, but if you don’t want to join us on the new website, you can either do nothing and feel free to join us when you’re ready or see step 10 on how to cancel your membership.


14- When will the breakup between SHE and MeetUp be official (with no backsies?)
We will be completely on our website by January 15th.


15- What if I haven’t moved my membership to the website by Jan. 15, 2017?
If you haven’t migrated by Jan. 15, 2017, never fear! You will still be able to join the SHE online community, unfortunately you will not receive an additional free year of membership.


16- Can men visit the website and join the SHE online community and attend events?
Yes! Super Heroines, Etc. is a welcoming and inclusive space for all. As our mission focuses on women, we will hold some events that are for women and women-indentifying only, however men are welcomed into the community. These events will be clearly marked as “women to women” and all other events are open to anyone.

Author: Fox Smith

President of the Board for Super Heroines, Etc.

Storyteller, illustrator, and performer, Fox Smith has been speaking publicly on social topics such as Geek Feminism, diversity and representation in media, creating safer spaces, and education and empowerment nationally for 6 years.

Stories are her passion, and she holds the firm belief that everyone has a story that deserves to be told. Through the sharing of diverse voices and perspectives, we are able to create a true sense of community and belonging.