What We Do

Super Heroines, Etc. fosters continuous learning for women of all ages interested in things typically described as “nerdy.” We’re unironically enthusiastic about stuff – ranging from science to history, comic cons to lectures, and everything in between.

Online Community

Through our online community, we offer exclusive content, online events, and a safe community. The online community focuses on providing a place for women to connect with others who share their interests. It is also accessible to anyone, anywhere. We create online versions of the courses offered at local chapters that lend themselves to a web-based format.

Local Chapters

We have local chapters starting up in cities throughout the United States and encourage anyone to look into how to start your own local chapter. Local chapters allow women to meet in person, explore their cities, and learn together in an awesome, welcoming environment. Our chapters take advantage of their members’ wide-ranging areas of expertise and enlists them in teaching classes. Learning opportunities also center on “nerdy” interests that allow participants to exercise their intelligence and creativity. We provide opportunities that help women — especially those who may feel isolated in their profession or interests — find fellowship with others. We support women in their efforts to become confident, effective leaders through peer groups and activities such as networking events and Lean In circles. And chapters organize volunteer opportunities at nonprofit organizations — often those that benefit women and girls — and we share our skills with the community through outreach efforts.

Geek Feminism Initiative

Our Geek Feminism Initiative raises awareness of issues facing nerdy women. We provide speakers and panelists for libraries, comic cons and other public events to talk on women’s representation in geek media, online harassment, and other relevant issues. Our monthly podcast focuses on one topic each month and delivers insightful discussion on timely, relevant issues.

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