Featured Super Heroine: The SHE Board

Each month we feature a new super heroine to highlight the diversity and interests of our amazing group! This month, we’re doing something a little different by featuring all of our current board members. Look for us at events and feel free to reach out when you have a question or concern!

Fox Smith

Foxshot 1Job: Actress/Artist
SHE Super Power: President of the Board
SHE Kryptonite: When folks RSVP for an event but don’t show up 🙁

Why I Joined SHE: I’m from St. Louis originally, but was looking for fun stuff around town to do and stumbled across Super Heroines, Etc. I can remember my very first event was a book swap!

What you would say to someone thinking about joining: Definitely do it! It is a wonderful place to explore, meet like-minded women (and people!), and learn to make good changes in our own nerdy spaces.

Favorite part of SHE: I may be a little biased, but our Outreach is my favorite part. I love giving talks at panels about Geek Feminism and other lady and representation-related topics and watching people connect and learn. There are a lot of great things going on in the Geek-o-sphere but there are still some areas we can improve, and helping be a part of that change is an amazing experience.

Favorite event: I love the panels we do, but one of the events I’m most excited for is the Taboo Cafe that will be making its first appearance next year!

Random Fact about you: I once got a hug from Nathan Fillion.


Mary Lindsley

Job: Hospice volunteer coordinatorMary Headshot
SHE super power: Board Secretary
SHE kryptonite: Mornings, damned mornings

Why I joined: I was so excited when I first learned of this group! I thought it would be a great way to learn new stuff and hang out with like-minded people.
What I would say to someone thinking about joining: I have met SO many interesting people at the events I’ve attended. You will too!


Favorite part of SHE: Lots of varied learning opportunities


Favorite event: I’m partial to events where I can interact with a small group of people — perfect for a hardcore introvert like myself.


Random fact about me: Sometimes my vacations are organized entirely around bookstores in the places I’m traveling to.


Marissa Draper

IMG_0268Job: Administrative Assistant

SHE Super Power: Director of Events/Event Host Coordinator

SHE Kryptonite: Members who do not follow through with their RSVP’s

Why I Joined SHE: After a rough personal year in 2013 which included a divorce and relocation to St. Louis, MO I decided to try an activity independent of any romantic relationship or prior friendships. I wanted to meet like minded people and expand my social circle. My first event was a SHE BBQ where I met Carolyn, Fox, and a handful of amazing people I’m still friends with. I enjoy being around intelligent people with similar interests. Joining the Super Heroines, Etc. created a safe environment for me to explore new activities while giving me the space to connect with others. I still had to be brave and reach out to new people but the group setting really helped make that process a lot easier. I’m so glad I took a chance on this group!

What you would say to someone thinking about joining: Be brave and take a chance but remember you must do your part to form relationships with others too. Ask questions when you have them and be willing to try new things! 


Favorite part of SHE: Event planning! I’m a sucker for organizing events and seeing them come to life. I also like hearing what everyone else is nerding out about. There are so many different fandoms out there! 

Favorite event: Drinks and Curious which happened in April of 2016. It was really hard work but seeing the project come to life really made it worthwhile. I also really loved talking at Cincinnati Comic Con in September 2016. The crowd asked fantastic questions!
Random Fact about you: I’m a proud Slytherin!

Jennifer Gallinat

JG profile pic_amcs webJob: All Around Magick-Maker (AKA, Administrative Coordinator, American Culture Studies, Washington University in St. Louis)
SHE Super Power: Treasurer
SHE Kryptonite: Pettiness


Why I Joined SHE: I enjoyed the events and people who make this organization so amazing!


What you would say to someone thinking about joining: In an actual conversation, I would ask what first drew them to SHE and then what their hesitations are, but since this is just supposed to be a quick marketing push, I’d say that SHE is a great community of diverse and brilliant women, and that if you’re looking for your people to help you be your most authentic self, the odds are ever in your favor that you’ll find them here.


Favorite part of SHE: the People! and SHE in the Pub


Favorite event: Women’s Screenwriting Workshop (2nd Place: Drinks & Curios)


Random Fact about you: my (younger) twin brothers and I all share the same birthday (though obviously not the same year).


Carolyn Noe

886082_10107353434624913_6684992770438528642_o(1)Job: Program Coordinator at the University of Cincinnati
SHE Super Power: Founder and Executive Director
SHE Kryptonite: Cliques – my inner Hufflepuff comes out when I’m planning events – I just want everyone to be included and happy!


Why I Joined SHE: I actually started SHE. Looking back, I must have been very optimistic and a little bit crazy because I just can’t believe how much we have grown. My initial idea was to create a safe, inclusive space for women to express their nerdiness together. I’m so proud of the organization we have become.


What you would say to someone thinking about joining: When you join SHE, you’re automatically part of the family – you’ll never feel alone in your nerdiness again, you’ll meet people with similar interests, and we go out of our way to help you.


Favorite part of SHE: I’m currently really excited about the new chapters we are forming. Being on the ground with our first chapter since St. Louis is rewarding. I also love recording our podcast!


Favorite event: There are so many to choose from! And I’ve been to most of them 🙂 But I would have to say the Women’s Screenwriting Workshop was one of the few that I just really participated in rather than organized – which was so enjoyable to me.


Random Fact about you: My first real fandom was Cardcaptors (aka Cardcaptor Sakura).


Author: Carolyn Noe

Carolyn is the Founder & Executive Director of Super Heroines, Etc. She is a recent transplant to Cincinnati and lives with her husband and her dog. She regularly nerds out about Parks & Rec, Firefly, and Pride & Prejudice.


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