What We’re Nerding Out About in July

As nerds, the Super Heroines, Etc. team is always finding something new to nerd out about. In this series, we’ll share a few of the awesome discoveries we make when seeking out new movies, TV shows, books, comics, etc. Check out what we’re nerding out about in July:

600_439248371A Thousand Pieces of You
Summer is a great time for long road trips and beach reads. If you’re looking for both, A Thousand Pieces of You is a great audiobook (or paperback) with a trifecta of romance, scifi, and mystery. Described as “Cloud Atlas meets Orphan Black,” this book takes you on adventure after adventure with twists and turns you can’t expect! And join us for our first ever Online Young Adult Novel Book Club where we’ll be discussing A Thousand Pieces of You.


Newly added to Netflix is a great scifi mini-series – Ascension. Operating under the premise that America launched a covert space mission in the 1960s that sent 600 men, women and children on a 100 year journey to find a liveable planet. If you are interested in scifi shows with a psychological twist, then check out this great series and be prepared for an incredible twist.

Our entire volunteer board is really getting into comics these days. What’s on our Pull List? Sex Criminals, Thor, and more. Check out our upcoming Graphic Novel Book Club to join us for a rousing discussion of Thor!

Screenshot 2015-07-07 08.29.44Extra Life
Extra Life is a yearly fundraising event that revolves around games! Join the Team! In 2015, the Nerdy Girls Society will have our own team! All of the money you raise for Extra Life 2015 will go directly to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of your choice. St. Louis is lucky to have two fantastic hospitals to help kids, but that means they need twice as many dedicated participants. Find out more here!

Mad Max
There’s been a lot of buzz around this film and for good reason! Folks in SHE have nothing but good things to say about its positive portrayal of women and all-around awesome action scenes. Catch this film before it’s out of theaters!



Author: Carolyn Noe

Carolyn is the Founder & Executive Director of Super Heroines, Etc. She is a recent transplant to Cincinnati and lives with her husband and her dog. She regularly nerds out about Parks & Rec, Firefly, and Pride & Prejudice.


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