Super Heroines, Etc. Name Change FAQ

Why is the Nerdy Girls Society changing its name at all?

When the Nerdy Girls Society began in St. Louis in 2012, we started as a meetup group where women who identify as nerdy could come together and learn each others’ interests, make new friends, and have a safe space to interact. Since then we have grown to over 1400 members and have achieved our official 501c3 non profit status! With such big changes, we wanted to create a name that would really stand apart from other groups and speak a little more to our mission.

We are excited for the new change, and hope you are, too!

Why “Super Heroines, Etc”?

When promoting the Nerdy Girls Society, we would often be asked if we worked with school-aged girls or taught computer skills to teenager young women. Although we love the younger demographic and are happy to volunteer for some events that will bring up the next generation of women, our group focuses on women aged 18+.

“Super Heroines, Etc” not only highlights our nerdy nature but also speaks to the fact that we are a woman-based group, but not just any women… super women. Heroines, in fact, and more! We are focused on empowering women so that every woman can know that she is super. In addition, our name shortens to SHE, which not only beautifully sums up who we are and our mission but is just simply cool.

What is the mission of Super Heroines, Etc?

Super Heroines, Etc.’s mission is to empower women through educational events, classes, and workshops. As nerd and geek communities – like the tech field, comic conventions, and social media – are increasingly becoming hostile to women, SHE provides safe spaces for women through our mission to foster a women-focused community of nerds to learn, be creative, and gain confidence.

I don’t read comics or watch superhero movies. What does Super Heroines, Etc. have to offer me?

While we began as a community of women (and some men!) that identified as nerds and geeks, it turns out that there are nerds and geeks about everything! As a community, we contain members that are interested in not only comic books and super hero movies but also museums and history, philosophy and literature, crafts and diy, cosplay and theatre, nutrition and fitness, and so much more.

All of our events are member hosted so that they are as diverse as our members. We have monthly book clubs, food meetups, film screenings, and of course educational and speakers series. If you are passionate about anything, we have a space for you here!

How do I attend events?

Currently our events are managed through We are moving toward our own incredibly awesome website, but for the time being, if you live in St. Louis, MO you can create a profile on and visit our page where you can view our local events. Come check us out, and if you love us as much as we love you you can become a member and gain many more wonderful benefits.

How do I join a local chapter, and what are these wonderful benefits?

You can become an online member by visiting our website and choosing a chapter near you. Each chapter has a $12 annual members’ fee which goes to operating costs (such as website hosting and cool swag). Once you become a full fledged member, you have full access to our events and our awesome website, where you can attend online workshops, gain achievements, and so much more. On top of that, we have partnered with several awesome business that have offered special benefits to our members.

I don’t live near a local chapter how can I be involved?

We would love to have you be a member of Super Heroines, Etc no matter where you live! You can become a member through our website, and pay $10 to access our full website with all of the members’ features, such as online workshops, achievements, and much more.

If you live in a place that already has a Super Heroines, Etc chapter, you can visit one of our events and join in person. If you live somewhere without a chapter but are interested in starting one, visit our website where you can fill out a chapter application form. We would love for you to be a part of our community!

Are men allowed to join?

Yes! We welcome and support everyone! That being said, please be aware that we do host a variety of Womens-Only events that may contain subject matter that is sensitive or personal for members attending.

Author: Carolyn Noe

Carolyn is the Founder & Executive Director of Super Heroines, Etc. She is a recent transplant to Cincinnati and lives with her husband and her dog. She regularly nerds out about Parks & Rec, Firefly, and Pride & Prejudice.


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